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DiscoverIowa.org & ShopIowaOnline.com have been created to provide a place where individuals and businesses can inexpensively showcase their products or services to a local audience while at the same time to the world. The whole idea behind developing ShopIowaOnline.com was to find a new way to keep people shopping with their local merchants and to showcase Iowa to Internet users worldwide.

The purpose of “Shop Iowa” is to help stimulate the local business economies as a sales and marketing tool for all business within a local area. “Shop Iowa” offers neighborhood merchants the ability to promote their business 24 hours a day at very low cost.

Think Globally, Promote Locally!

Shop Iowa Online Offers:

  • Local Information
  • Business Directory
  • E-Commerce
  • Banner Advertising
  • Coupon Services
  • Classifieds
  • Community Calendars
  • Community Forum

Our Mission : to Showcase Iowa Businesses and Communities and get people to Shop Iowa!

Millions of Dollars EVERY YEAR are currently LEAVING our Business Community to out-of-state businesses through the Internet. Tourism & Local Attractions are losing potential visitors & income for our economy due to the promotion efforts of other cities & geographical areas on the Internet. Iowa has a lot to offer! To reverse this trend and protect our LOCAL Economic Future, our Iowa Businesses and Service Communities MUST be Online and VISIBLE LOCALLY.

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We want you to consider this YOUR website. We are committed to providing a quality site that is convenient and full of useful information. We value your opinions and would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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