Discover & Shop Iowa!

Discover & Shop Iowa

Welcome to  Discover & Shop Iowa

We invite you to take the journey of a lifetime.Bordered by the mighty Mississippi River to the east and the strong Missouri to the west, Ioway Indians, who traversed and lived on this land we call Iowa for centuries prior to statehood, called their beautiful home ‘Land Between Two Rivers.’

“The land between two rivers” is overflowing with genuine hospitality, significant historic sites, sophisticated cities, beautiful rolling countryside and four seasons of nature at its very best. Famous for our warm Midwestern hospitality, Iowa derives its character from our people.

Discover & Shop Iowa invites you to follow our highways and venture off the beaten path to see the beauty, sample the fun, and enjoy it all in Iowa……

As you travel one of our Scenic Byways or Historic Routes you’ll see the beauty of meandering streams, the mighty Mississippi River,Missouri River, rolling hills, towering limestone bluffs, patchwork countrysides, unexpected wildlife, and quaint villages.

Stop along the way to sample the fun of memorable festivals, top-notch stage performances, unique shopping, year-round outdoor recreation, adventurous dining, unique attractions, and romantic riverboat cruises. From big city excitement to small town hospitality you will get a flavor and enjoy it all!

We look forward to your visit and we know you will want to visit again!